provides professional language services customized for individuals and business owners seeking to address the Chinese and Japanese markets and demographics more effectively.

About Us

We are Cranes, a historical symbol of fortune in Chinese and Japanese Cultures, conveying ideas over countries, languages, and cultures.

Serving companies and organizations of all sizes, up to and including Fortune 500 corporations, our multi-cultural team provides the most effective language communication skills to achieve the desired objectives. We continue to serve clients in Government, Technology, Retail, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, Academia, and many other sectors.

We look forward to serving you, and to welcoming you to our family of Clients.

Red Origami Crane

Our Services


Business Coordination

Coordination of business meetings and other communications with Chinese and Japanese companies and individuals.

Concierge Translation

Assist in communication with Chinese and Japanese clients via emails and phone calls. Particular attention paid to business etiquette and cultural nuance.

Language Training

Business Chinese / Japanese trainings for companies and organizations. Providing cultural awareness at all levels to create better interpersonal understanding.


Executive briefings and coaching prior to entry into the China and Japan markets. Customized marketing communications to address Chinese and Japanese demographics.



Ensure accurate and effective business and legal communication. Enjoy accurate and secure translation services and delivery.


Ensure optimum effective of local and international marketing and support. Customized services with a particular attention paid to cultural nuances.

Business Meeting

Translating and Interpreting services for business meetings with a particular attention paid to business etiquette and cultural nuances.


Accurate translation of technical documents including industry-specific terminology.


Rapid transcription of audio-visual material. Timecoded translation also available.


Increase website effectiveness while achieving business and outreach objectives. Google Translate is not available in China!


Translate academic journals in various fields accurately such as biology, medical, environment, psychology and many others.

Product Description

Translating descriptions and instructions of your products sold online on Amazon, Taobao, Rakuten, etc with a particular attention paid to localization.